History of Clan Wallace Society Projects

Wallace Monument in ElderslieFor more than half a century, the Clan Wallace Society has supported projects throughout the world.

From historical projects like the Wallace Monument in Elderslie and the Wallace Well, to the promotions of William Wallace through the reprinting of The Wallace Book and the translation of the Maitland Club Papers, to the preservation of the environment with Trees4Scotland and protection of the Wallace Yew, the Clan Wallace Society is involved!!!

The Clan Wallace Society’s participation in these projects is a result of our members and donations from all of the Wallace “family”. Without these donations, the Wallace Yew Tree may have perished, the Wallace Well may have been demolished by developers, and the Memorial to Scottish Immigrants may not exist. Please join us in preserving Scottish heritage and the memory of Scotland’s greatest hero, Sir William Wallace.


The Chronology of Projects

Detail about the projects are available from the listing on the right.

Year Project
1970 Purchase of six bronze (colored) plates to complete the Wallace Monument in Elderslie.
2000 Reprint of “The Book of Wallace” by the Rev. Charles Rogers D.D., LL.D.
2001 Translation of the Maitland Club Papers of Sir William Wallace
2005 Purchase of the Sir William Wallace Portrait by the Stirling Smith Museum and Art Gallery.
2005 Mural painted for the 700th Anniversary Ceremonies in Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada.
2006 Preservation of Wallace Yew Tree in Elderslie
2008 Donations to the Wallace700 Association in Aberdeen, Scotland for a period of 5-years.
2008 Support for the building of the Culloden Battlefield Visitors Center.
2008 Support for the Robert Burns Statue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
2009 Help build the Memorial to Scottish Immigrants in Philadelphia, PA.
2009 Adoption and ongoing annual donation to The High Desert Pipe Band of Albaquerque, NM.
2009 Planted 10 native trees in the Teaghlach Wood, near Comrie in Highland Perthshire, Scotland.
2011 Clan Wallace Trophy at the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games.
2011 Ongoing annual donation to the Lyon College’s Scottish Heritage Scholarship Program.
2012 Building of the Ellen (Ashby) Payne Odom Genealogical Library in Moultrie.