Who Are We?

CWS – The Clan Wallace Society – Worldwide represents all Scots of any Clan and others who wish they were Scots.  Although mainly in North America, the Society has more than 1,200 members worldwide. The Society was founded and chartered in Texas in 1966. Wallaces reside in all corners of the globe and share common bonds of kinship and heritage, both to one another and with others of Scottish descent. CWS Goes Beyond Braveheart!

CWS is Educational: Promotes the truth about Sir William Wallace, the national hero of Scotland who suffered martyrdom for his country in 1305; and teaches about Scottish heritage.

CWS has History: The history of the Clans and the heritage and achievements of those claiming Scottish descent, are explored. CWS does Collection, Restoration, and Preservation: For places and objects of interest to the public in general and the family of Clan Wallace in particular. In Sept 1970, CWS announced the completion of the monument at Elderslie and the unveiling of six bronze-colored plaques—a project that the London Renfrewshire Association had begun in 1912. CWS made donations to the maintenance of the National Wallace Monument at Stirling. CWS members are active in ceremonies at the Wallace memorial in Baltimore, MD.

CWS Produces: CWS has been instrumental in the publication, republication, and distribution of works such as Rogers’ The Book of Wallace, Seaver’s Wallace Genealogical Data, and Mitchell’s Wallaces of Elderslie. The founder of CWS, the late Charles B. Wallace’s The Clan Wallace, now in its 4th edition, is a comprehensive collection of family history and data. The Society has also placed its publications in 20 libraries nationwide and in Britain. At present, the Society’s collections and archives are housed at the Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library in Moultrie, GA. CWS is translating the “Maitland Papers,” from old French, English, Gaelic, Scots, and Latin to modern English.

CWS is: A sponsor of High Desert Pipes and Drums of Albuquerque, New Mexico, whose members proudly wear the Wallace Tartan.