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Seaver’s Wallace Genealogical Data (1927) by J. Montgomery Seaver (15.50)
This is the only book which was published by a genealogist, J. Montgomery Seaver, in 1927. He relies heavily on Dr. Charles Rogers book The Book of Wallace, James A. Phelps book The Wallace Family in America, and some 25 other references. He makes a passionate plea for forming a Wallace Genealogical Society and having paid member-ships. Charles B. Wallace tried to follow up with the addresses given in the book but it had ceased to exist.

The Wallace’s of Elderslie and The Two Elderslies (1884) by J.O. Mitchell ($10.50)
A compilation of two articles printed in 1884 by the “Transactions of the Archaeological Society of Glasgow” and the “Glasgow Herald” respectively. They are a brief history of the Wallace family in that area and the line of succession of the Chief of the Name and Family of Wallace. There is heavy emphasis on the origins of Sir William Wallace.

The Clan Wallace, Fourth Edition by co-founder Charles B. Wallace ($25.00)
Updated in 2015, this book is a discussion of the families who make up the Clan Wallace, the history and genealogy of the Chief of the Name and Family of Wallace, and many pages detailing related information such as the early history of the family. It relies heavily on The Book of Wallace by Dr. Charles Rogers for the early history of the Family in Scotland. At 133 pages, it is a good general reference for all members of the Wallace Family interested in the origins and accomplishments of the family.

The Wallace Family in America (1914) by James A. Phelps ($10.50)
The book describes the first Wallace family in America as James Wallace, born about 1675 in Lanark, Scotland. He came to America via the British Navy and slipped overboard off in Long Island Sound and came ashore near Norwalk, Connecticut. Within a year he married Mary Hyatt. Phelps describes the ten original Wallace families as defined by Savage, some of their children, and then lists the heads of the over 275 families at the taking of the first census in 1790. There is a discussion of the Woods-Wallace family connections from the biographer of Judge Caleb Wallace.

Documents Illustrative of Sir William Wallace, His Life and Times by CWS – $35.00
Written in the 1800’s in Medieval Latin, Norman French, Old English and Old Scots, it contains The Maitland Papers and The Wallace Papers. The Papers were purchased around 1998 by Rev. Chev. Raymond L. Morehead, GOTJ, FSA Scot, and confirmed a complete copy by Director Fionna Ashmore, SAS, the Royal Museum of Scotland as the one presented to the Maitland Club dated M.DCCC.XLI by the author Robert Rodger ESQ. in February 1842.  Translations began in the 1950’s followed by other false starts, until Raymond contacted then President of Clan Wallace Society (CWS) Marcus J. “Jim” Wallace in 2001. They agreed that having CWS publish the English version would shine additional light on the life of Sir William Wallace. Dr. Linda Ewbank translated the papers for CWS, for which we owe tremendous gratitude. Authors of previous translations could not be found, so Linda agreed to translate those sections as well. These documents contain 180 pages formatted by CWS for publication. They have not been altered in any way from the translated English version.

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