The Kelso Highlander games have been going on some 30 years in beautiful Kelso Washington nestled in the shadows of Mount St. Helens. The games were held on September 8th and 9th 2018 in the Tam O’Shanter Park.

Free admission for the seventeen clans and all that showed up at the park for a wee bit O’ Scotland. The Clan Wallace tent was hosted by Russ and Marcia Harper. We were honored to have join us for the weekend, Norma and Puffin Wallace from Bend Oregon and Jeani, Julie, and Doug Johnson from Vancouver Washington.
On July 6, 1970, the City of Kelso Washington entered into a sister city relationship with the City of Kelso Scotland. A gentleman named Peter Crawford from Kelso Scotland founded Kelso Washington.

The entertainment for the games was Men of Worth and Rogues End. The Honored Clan was Maxwell, which lead the Parade through town and to the park where the rest of the clans joined them in the Parade of Tartans. The games was opened by a miniature cannon fired by the Chieftain of the games Chief Andrew Hamilton, the Chief of Police for Kelso.

The clans all voted for next years Honored Clan, which will be Clan Wallace.

Thank you so much for all that came out and joined us for the weekend. Plan to come out next year and be part of the honored Clan. We can’t do the games without your support.

Courtesy of Marcia Harper

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