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This link provides members with a visual and chronological history of the "Good Works" projects the Clan Wallace Society has supported over the years through the generous monetary donations made by its members and others.

We are pleased to offer this opportunity for members to experience the results of CWS goals and missions. We think you will find them interesting and deserving of your support.

We invite one and all to participate in this program to ensure these historically beneficial projects continue.

Important Facts about the CWS Rewards Program

  1. In brief, the purposes for which the Corporation is organized are:

    Educational, with particular reference to the history of Scotland, its public figures, such as Sir William Wallace, its Clans and the heritage and achievements of those claiming Scot descent; and with particular reference to writings for publications, including the reprinting of articles and books now out of print concerning the history of Scotland, its Clans and the heritage and achievements of those claiming Scot descent; and with particular reference toward the collection, restoration, and preservation of places and objects of interest to the public generally, and particularly to the Clan and Family of Wallace."

    Clan Wallace fulfills these principles by reprinting out of date books about the history of Scotland, and by collecting, restoring, and preserving places and objects of interest to the general public, especially to the Clan and Family of Wallace, as evidenced in the visual history of CWS projects. The books include the four books of Wallace and the Book of Wallace by Rev. Charles Rogers. The following pages contain visual and chronological history of projects relating to the restoration and preservation of objects of interest.

  2. The CWS Rewards Program was developed to insure the long-range financial health to support Society goals and missions by encouraging dedicated members, and others, to make monetary contributions and endowments to this program, and to give contributors the opportunity to assist in the implementation of these goals.

  3. All donations received under this program go strictly to assist in the execution of CWS goals, missions, and projects. None of these funds are spent on any other Society activities or general business.

  4. Donations are cumulative. Contributors making a donation less than required to obtain a Reward will receive a letter of thanks from the Society Treasurer, and an explanation of its tax-exempt nature. The donation and pertinent information will be logged into a "live account" for that contributor. Contributors making further donations that reach a Rewards tier will receive the appropriate Reward documents, and the additional donation will be logged in "their account."

  5. Persons donating a large amount to the Society sufficient to achieve a higher level Reward will receive the higher level Reward plus the pins and medals from the lesser Rewards, but without the Certificates for those lesser Rewards.


    History of Clan Wallace Society Projects

    1970 - This project was the main reason the Society was formed in 1966 - to raise funds to purchase six bronze (colored) plates to complete the Wallace Monument in Elderslie. The project would have failed if we would not have had the support of Dewitt Wallace; founder of Reader's Digest, and Candacraig, the last landed Wallace Laird in Scotland. Thanks to them and the founders, these plates were installed to complete the Wallace Monument in Elderslie in 1970.

    2000 - Donated $2,000 to have "The Book of Wallace" by the Rev. Charles Rogers D.D., LL.D. reprinted. The book was originally published in two volumes, but CWS chose to have them bound as one volume to reduce costs. "The Book of Wallace" is a 700+ page, high-quality hardcover publication bound in simulated leather and richly embossed with gold lettering. The contents of Volume I are chiefly genealogical and presents a comprehensive narrative respecting the Patriots lineage. Volume II deals with the life of Sir William Wallace.

    2000 - Donated $700 to Raymond Morehead to reimburse him for expenses incurred in having the Maitland Club Papers of Sir William Wallace translated. His project is still in process due to a variety of delays, including the health of a translator.

    2005 - During the Clan Wallace Society gathering in Scotland in 2005, CWS made a £500 donation to the Stirling Smith Museum and Art Gallery to assist in the purchase of this Sir William Wallace Portrait.   2005 - CWS donated $500 to the Rotary Club of Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada towards the mural painted for the 700th Anniversary Ceremonies.

    2006 - Donations to help with the preservation of the Wallace Yew Tree at Elderslie
    that had been damaged by vandalism and lightning.

    2007 - Donations of £200 sterling began in 2008 for a period of 5-years to support the
    Wallace700 Association in Aberdeen, Scotland.

    2008 - CWS donated $3,000 for a Wallace Walkway Paving Stone to help build the Culloden Battlefield Visitors Center. 2008 - CWS donated $350 for a Paving Brick to support theRobert Burns Statue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    2009 - CWS donated $2,000 to help build the Memorial to Scottish Immigrants in Philadelphia, PA.
    Cady Wallace, Director Jim "Bowie" Wallace, and
    Conveners Ralph Wallace and David Hayward
    Guest Speaker - The Duke of Argyll
    Plaque showing The Clan Wallace Society as a Friend contributor. Terry Jones, creator and sculptor, and Dr, Thomas Graeme,
    President of the Philadelphia St. Andrews Society.

    2009 - Donated $500 to the Society's adopted Pipe Band, The High Desert Pipe Band of Albaquerque, NM.
    This is an ongoing annual donation that is matched by Past-President Marcus "Jim" Wallace.

    2009 - CWS donated $144 to plant 10 native trees in an area called Teaghlach Wood, near Comrie in Highland Perthshire, Scotland. This project was part of an overall effort called "Trees4Scotland" created to plant 100,000 trees to restore the great forests of Scotland. All trees planted will be traditional woodland varieties such as oak, birch, ash and rowan. CWS was recognized with a certificate that can be seen on the CWS website.

    2011 - We donated $500 for the Clan Wallace Trophy presented to 17-year old Ben Reid of the Paris/Port Dover Pipe Band at the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games made possible through donations made to the CWS Rewards Program. To the right of Ben is own Advisory Director for Canada, Dorothy Knight, making the presentation.

    2011 - Began an ongoing annual donation of $500 to Lyon College's Scottish Heritage Program in Batesville, AR. Scottish Heritage scholarships are awarded to pipers, drummers, Highland dancers, Scottish fiddlers; and accordion players that can contribute to their Ceilidh band.

    Jean Wallace making the presentation of the CWS donation check to Lyon College
    President Donald V Weatherman at left, and Jimmy Bell, Director of the Scottish Heritage Program.

    2012 - The Ellen (Ashby) Payne Odom Genealogical Library was made possible by a bequest from Ellen Ashby Payne Odom. Mrs. Odom was a trustee of the Moultrie Colquitt County Library and very interested in genealogy. Upon her death, she bequeathed the proceeds of the sale of her estate to the library for the purpose of building a genealogy library in Moultrie. The Odom Library was built in 1988-1989, and operates on the interest from her estate.

    The library is most famous for its collection concerning Scottish genealogy, which is the archival home for more that 130 Scottish clan organizations. Thanks to the assistance from the Director and Librarian, the library has been the home for the Clan Wallace Society historical records since 2001. In 2010, CWS began donating $400 to Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library on an ongoing basis. This donation is being matched by Past Executive Vice President, Wayne Jones.


    The Clan Wallace Society Rewards

    The following table outlines the Reward Levels, pins and medals that will be given to individuals, companies, and organizations making donations. This tiered level of rewards was developed to thank contributors for their generosity. They represent tangible and attractive tokens of gratitude designed specifically for our Society are provided to the contributor as each Reward Level is reached.

    Larger donations that exceed other Reward levels will result in the higher Reward and all subordinate Reward Level elements being awarded, except for the Certificates. Reward Certificates for all Awards are a standard Clan Wallace Certificate designed for these Awards containing the name of the recipient, the date of approval, information about the level of the Reward, the Clan Wallace Clan Badge (with Crown), and a drawing/sketch of the Reward device. The certificates will be signed by the Society President.

    The frames used for the top three Rewards Level Certificates are attractive and dignified suitable for display and hanging. The Presentation Boxes for the Knight and Sir William Wallace level Awards are an attractive style appropriate for the prestige of these awards, and (normally) made of wood with dignified hardware and linings.

    Reward LevelDonation RangeReward ElementsMedals and Medallions
    Circle of the
    $ 100
    $ 199
    1. A 1 1/4" tall Thistle Pin;
    2. Letter from the President,
    3. Unframed Thistle Certificate,
    4. and Newsletter Publicity
    Circle of the
    $ 200
    $ 499
    1. A 1 1/4" tall Cross Pin;
    2. Letter from the President,
    3. Unframed Cross Certificate,
    4. and Newsletter Publicity
    Circle of the
    $ 500
    $ 999
    1. A 1 1/4" tall Saltire Pin;
    2. Letter from the President,
    3. Framed Saltire Certificate,
    4. and Newsletter Publicity
    Circle of the
    $ 1000
    $ 4999
    1. A 1 3/4" tall Knight Medal on Tartan Ribbon,
    2. Miniature Medal with Ribbon in a Presentation Box,
    3. Framed Knight Certificate,
    4. Letter from the President that will be personally
      presented by the President or a Director,
    5. and Newsletter and Local Newspaper Release
    Circle of
    Sir William Wallace
    $ 5000
    and over
    1. A 2 1/2" tall Sir William Wallace Medallion
      on a Tartan Neck Ribbon in a Presentation Box,
    2. Framed Sir William Wallace Certificate,
    3. Letter from the President that will be personally
      presented by the President,
    4. and a major Newsletter Article and Press Releases


    Donations to The Rewards Program

    We believe you will agree that the list of accomplishments are impressive and that contributions were spent wisely in the in the execution of goals and missions. Together, we can achieve Society goals through the Rewards Program and our tax-deductible donations.

    Donations of any size can be made, and can be tailored to an individual's ability to give over any time period. All contributions to the program are greatly appreciated. Every donation, regardless of size, helps the Society accomplish its goals. We invite everyone to participate in the Rewards Program, and all donations are tax-deductible.

    Members, non-members, and organizations may make donations to the Rewards Program by sending name, address, phone number, and e-mail addresses along with their donation checks in the name of the Clan Wallace Society to:

    John R. Wallace, Chairman
    CWS Rewards Program
    110 Azalea Drive
    Walterboro, SC 29488-2605


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