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CEAD MILE FAILTE "One Hundred Thousand Welcomes" This site was established to recognize the many contributions made by the members of the society and to honor our Conveners, the people who voluntarily set up and host the Clan Wallace tent at various Scottish Highland Games and Festivals in the United States and Canada.

Membership in the Clan Wallace Society is extended to the Clan and Family of Wallace (various spellings), those related to them by blood or by marriage, and to anyone else having an interest in the purposes of the Society, which are: Educational, with emphasis on the history of Scotland, its public figures, such as Sir William Wallace, the National Hero of Scotland who suffered martydom for his country in 1305, its Clans and the heritage and achievements of those of Scottish descent.

The Society now has several Classes of Membership available:

Annual Membership:
Any person may join Clan Wallace Society as an Annual Member by filing the standard Membership Application form and by donating $20.00 USD to the Society for the first year. Payment may be made by either check or by cash.
Life Membership:
Entry as a Life Member is available by submission of the standard form and by making a donation of $175.00 USD to the Society by either check or cash.  LIFE Members receive The Clan Wallace, 3rd Edition and The Wallaces of Elderslie free of charge with membership.
Council Membership:
New members may become a Council Member by submission of the standard form and donation of $350.00 USD to the Society by check or cash.  Council Members receive the full set of the four Wallace books free of charge with membership. The two books above and The Wallace Family in America and Seaver's Wallace Genealogical Data – 1927 .

Life and Council Memberships require no further donations to maintain active membership status. Membership for Annual Members starts upon application and payment, however the Membership Year for all Annual Memberships will be 1 January through 31 December of each year. Annual members, who join the Society during the period 1 January through 30 June, will be credited with membership through the rest of the current membership year. Annual Members, who join on 1 July or after in any year, will be credited with membership for the balance of the current year and for all of the next membership year.

Upgrading of Memberships:
Existing Annual Members and Life Members may upgrade to higher levels of membership at any time by sending a completed application form along with the appropriate required donation to the Membership Chair(s).

Annual Member upgrade to Life Member for a donation of $175.00 USD
Annual Member upgrade to Council Member for a donation of $350.00 USD
Life Member upgrade to Council Member for a donation of $175.00 USD
All Memberships are individual and are not transferable.

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For historical information about Sir William Wallace and a brief history of the Wallace family, please visit the link The Clan Wallace History.

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