Clan Wallace Society Worldwide
Board Policy: Website Links

March 2005

It is the policy of the Board of Directors of Clan Wallace Society Worldwide that the "Links" portion of the Society's Website will be limited to the following Categories and definitions;

1. CWSW and Members Benefit Section; Links of direct benefit to the Society and to Society Members, such as items relating to Clan Wallace History, Sir William Wallace, the extended Wallace Family, specific events and activities involving Clan Wallace and the Society, but not Games and Festivals.

2. General Scottish Interest and History Section; Links such as those for Historical Organizations, Museums, FSAScot, other Clan Societies, Scottish Organizations, and on line Scottish Information sources.

3. Publications; On Line Scottish Newsletters, Newspapers, Magazines, etc., including Author's website when their work Includes references to Sir William Wallace or Clan Wallace, regardless of whether they offer these books for sale.

4. Miscellaneous; Commercial and Vendor Links, from time to time, when the merchants offer Clan Wallace specific item(s) that might be of high interest to Society Members. These links will be time limited to 6 months and then removed by the Webmaster. General Links for Vendors selling routine Scottish wear and items will not be included.

Within these guidelines the Webmaster will administer the Links included on the CWSW Website. Should there be any question regarding a specific link request, the Webmaster will refer it to the President for final decision.

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