Dr. Dean Rae (Skip) Berg 1956-2007

Dr. Dean Rae (Skip) Berg
Edmonds, WA

Skip Berg Obit PhotoClan Wallace Councilman, Skip passed away the night Aug. 11, 2007, of a sudden heart attack. He was 51 and leaves loving wife of 20 yrs. Kathy and Brother Neal Berg of Florida. He was a Doctor of Silviculture (Forestry Management.) while doing what he liked to do – dancing at an outdoor 60s RnR concert.

Skip was one of 12 1st- cousins of CWS Director Jim “Bowie” Wallace.  “I helped my Cousins Darrell Wallace and Skip Berg set up and convene the PNW Games in Enumclaw, WA in 2006, which they convened again in July 2007. – “Jim Bowie” Wallace

“Here is an impromptu photo memorial of Skip’s life, an extraordinary brother and eco-warrior. See: Dean Rae Berg Photo Memorial  The childhood photos were taken by his loving and surviving father Don, while the later photos have come from family, friends and me. Kathy, his wife has just begun the planning stages of a formal celebration for the last weekend of September (9/29) in Seattle.”  – Neal Berg




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