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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday, August 21 - ABERDEEN
Tour Drum Castle with David Irvine, Laird of the Castle. Afternoon as invited guests of the Wallace 700 Society of Aberdeen at their solemn wreath-Iaying ceremony commemorating the 700th anniversary of the execution of Wallace. Special 'Farewell' dinner.

Piper Vigil at Wallace Statue

A Piper at Vigil at the Wallace Statue

School Hill Park

Aberdeen Motto in Flowers

Pre Ceremony Entertainment

Pre Ceremony Entertainment

Pre Ceremony Entertainment

Parade Preparations

David Irvine of Drum, Marshall - Garrett Whiteside with American Flag

Ben Howard with Rampant Lion Flag

A Mass of Wallaces

Clan Wallace Lined up and Ready

Historic Procession and Parade

Clan Wallaces Leads the Historic Procession

Wallaces on Parade

Wallace Address

The Wallace Men of Lonarch Honor Guard

Wallace Address by Billy Kay

The Men of Wallace Honor Guard

Wreath Laying Ceremony

President John Lays the CWSW Wreath


Russ and Marcia at the Statue with Wreaths

After Ceremony Party

John & Howard and the Vikings from Shetlands

Johnny and a Wee Viking

Presidents Award Recipients David and Carolyn Irvine with President John

Lori Wallace, Johnny and Kaye Wallace

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