Director Responsibilities

Clan Wallace Society – Worldwide

Overview of Director Responsibilities


Clan Wallace Society – Worldwide Directors are elected to three-year terms by Council Members and
hold office until their successors are duly elected and qualified. Directors are responsible for managing
and controlling the affairs of the Society, establishing policy, and providing guidance and assistance to
Officers of the Society as prescribed by the By-Laws.

All Directors share like responsibilities and are obligated to assist in the conduct of Society business.
The below list provides an overview of responsibilities potential Directors are expected to accept when
elected to the Board. They do not include additional jobs or program directorships that will be assigned
by the President or the Board in which he or she will execute Society business. It will be understood by
the Board of Directors that Council Members running for the office of Director acknowledge these
responsibilities and commit to executing them if elected.

Major Responsibilities

• Holds the title of Vice President.
• Be an active participant in conducting Society business by promptly responding to telephone
calls, proactively responding to email messages, and promptly engaging in voting on policies and
Society business discussed online.
• Accepts appointments on committees established to conduct special studies, analysis, and
research regarding current and proposed Society programs.
• Attends Annual Board of Directors Meeting.
• Provides a timely “proxy” vote to the President or other Board Member when justifiable
circumstances prohibit attending the Annual Meeting.
• Attends special meetings of the Board that may be called by the President on reasonable notice,
or in writing by two-thirds of the Board of Directors upon reasonable notice, time, and place.
• Copies the Executive Vice President on all email correspondence sent to the President.
• Performs other such duties that may be assigned by the President, Executive Vice President, or
the Board of Directors.

Knowledge Required for Position

Must be a Council Member.
• Should have proficiency in MS Office or equivalent applications sufficient to open and read
documents, and to create reports, spreadsheets, and presentations.
• Should have proficiency with e-mail sufficient to download and open attachments, and create
and/or modify and upload attachments.
• Should have a general knowledge of how Society business is conducted.

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